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Hi, Hello, Yo, Hey There

Just dropping in to say hello there. Summer of 2023 has been amazing for me. I started the summer off with seeing Beyonce in Germany. Boy, did I have a time, eating lots of vegan foods, dancing in the streets, meeting new people and rocking out to amazing live music.

Germany really surprised me with the friendly people, clean streets and lots of mobility to social activities. One thing, I noticed while there are the people appear to live in the moments of life. Whenever we dined, I noticed friends and couples alike were not engaged on their phones, but with each other. At all times of the day: mornings, afternoons and evenings, people were out socializing. I now desire to always be present and to socialize more with my family and friends, enjoy each moment of life.

I hope you are living in all of the moments of summer, and if you are not, I pray you have the courage to begin to enjoy your life right now.

Freedom and Passion,


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