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I said Yes

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Whenever you hear the jargon "I said Yes", you think of a proposal and a happy couple vowing to spend their lives together. Well, I recently said Yes too, only I said yes to myself and to the deprogramming of my mind and to live a bolder life.

The day, I came back from Germany, I decided to sign up for Yes Supply. I had eyed the Yes Supply program for almost a year after hearing about it on Manifestation Babe Podcast. I soaked up all of the free content online and finally hit a dead end on all the amazing and mind-blowing content on YouTube. So, I decided to look into the certification program, after seeing the cost my brain automatically shut down the possibility of me attending, as I stuck with my story of limited funds for such a big investment.

At the end of July, Yes Supply offered a Science of Manifestation course, which was within my limited abundance price range, and I jumped to attend the course. Upon, attending this course, I was mind blown by all of the statical and factual information surrounding manifestations. Reese dived in deeply to the states of our bodies in the beginning, middle and end of manifesting. The charts and real-life examples from top research sold me on the value of the program. My aha-moment of realizing I manifest all the time, rather I am trying or not made me want to go more in-depth to get more information on "how to live my best life".

The first week, I signed up for the program, there was a masterclass on how to organize your dream life. The information I digested in that class blew my mind and after putting into practice my new knowledge, I was conquering my weeks with ease and actually following through with my plans, which I previously struggled with. Moreover, though I am still a baby in Yes Supply the two calls and course work I have completed, has grown me mentally and understanding myself and others.

I am excited about my transformation once I finish the course, as I am already transformed into a more abundant thinker and business owner after just one month.

If you have been thinking or contemplating joining the program, I urge you to say yes to yourself, so that you can walk off into the sunset with more understanding and tools to live a fuller, abundant life.

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