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Wishful No More

Damn, sometimes I get on my own nerves, I swear up and down I want a certain life or lifestyle and when I get opportunities that align with my desires, my first instinct is to say no.

Two months ago, my friend invited to the lake and river in (Lake Travis and the Comal River) for some summertime fun and the first thing I said was NO. My thoughts were crowded with all the things I needed to do, and better ways to spend my money. However, I caught myself in the loop of not living in alignment with my goals, a fun summer. I changed my No to a Yes and jumped off the edge of wishful thinking to the border of doing.

This weekend, I went to the lake and had an amazing time. My body was filled with so much joy, that I came back home productive and ready to work.

The Lesson: Transcend from wishful to doing. No one reaches their goals by just wishing, we must take inspired action to get the life we desire.

Passion and Freedom,


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